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Best Time To Post TikTok For Better Engagement

Best Time To Post On TikTok

TikTok is one of the best platforms for marketing your business, and it has more than a billion monthly active users. Statistics show that users’ average spending time on TikTok is more than 1 hour daily. TikTok is the biggest game-changer in video format because it has released short-form videos. This creative format is like most people in the world to establish themselves. Many businesses create videos on TikTok to market their brand worldwide. However, posting your content is not more than enough for your success in TikTok. While also essential to know the best posting time. You are thinking of boosting brand reach and audience engagement on TikTok, then post your content at the perfect time. Do you know how to find the best time to post TikTok? Keep reading this article to learn the perfect time to post your content.

Why Is It Important To Know The Best Time To Post On Tik Tok?

Time is the most crucial factor in posting videos on TikTok because it is the only reason to make or break your content. Posting at the best time on TikTok means getting more likes, shares, and comments from the users for your videos. Only giving quality videos to your audience does not produce good results. It is also important to note when to post content.

How to increase your brand visibility? Post content at the best time can be helpful to get more audience attention and engagement for your video. If you receive more users’ likes for your content, it might appear on the “For You” page on TikTok. Users can get an endless set of unique videos on this page.

Based on some criteria, the algorithm generates videos for the “For You” section on TikTok. It includes user interaction, and videos receive more engagement rate. Each user obtain a different result on the “ForYou” page; however, it depends on their past interaction. So it is good to optimize your posting time to increase the chances of your post will appear in the “ForYou” section. The most important thing you might remember is to create quality content for posts on TikTok. 

Is There Any Best Time To Post On Tik Tok? 

The answer is yes and no. TikTok serves an excellent job of producing unique results for each user on the ForYou page. It is because the algorithm always recommends fresh content on this page. To get the best result for your content on TikTok, post when your target audience is most likely to scroll through the videos. Finding the perfect time to post on TikTok will vary for each account. So to obtain better results, you need to analyze your target audience location, time zone, and when they are most active on TikTok. Not only important to know when to post content to reach a wider audience. It is also important to know how often you post content on the platform. So keep watching your post performance closely until you find the best time to work better than your competitors.

What Is The Best Time To Post On Tik Tok?

There is no perfect time to post on TikTok because many brand or influencer has a different target audience. Similarly, every user has a different time frame to watch content on this platform. Finding the best time varies for every country and depends on your target audience. So it is good to know your best time for posting by manually checking your content. If you use TikTok for business growth, observe how your followers respond to your content. Based on that, produce the same type of content to reach more audience engagement. Your niche and target audience interest play an important role in determining the best time for your post. Finally, your brand might have an audience in various time zones. With the help of analytics, you can analyze when your followers are most active. From that, decide when is the best time to post with audience activity.

Tips To Find The Best Time To Post On Tik Tok

You have been using TikTok for a long time, then try to analyze your audience information like timezone, location, online presence and analytics of your follower’s activity.

Find Analytics

You will get the most accurate time to post on TikTok by the analytics section in your account. To know the analytics for your profile, you should switch to a business account on TikTok. You can get your follower’s activity by this account.

Here are the steps to switch to business accounts on TikTok:

  • Go to the profile page and click the “three horizontal lines” icon at the upper right corner of the screen
  • Select the “Manage my account” section and from the available option, choose “Switch to a Pro account.”
  • Finally, choose the category that depends on your need and tap the “Done” button.

Once you shift to a professional account, you will now see the “Analytics” section in the settings menu.

Target Audience Region

Knowing your audience’s location is the most important step in determining the best time to post on TikTok. Your brand may have an audience in various regions with different time zones. You will have to pick the time your audience is most likely active to receive maximum engagement for your TikTok post. The analytics feature can provide information like the number of followers for your account, their gender and the top territories of your audience. It gives the details of your audience in different regions, not for each city. So it is good to know followers’ activity to maximize your content reach.

Get the target audience region by following the steps:

  • Tap the “Profile” icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Click the “Hamburger icon” at the top right corner of the screen.
  • You can select “Creator tools” and choose “Analytics” from the available list.
  • Tap the “Followers” tab at the top of the menu.
  • Scroll down to the page; you will see “Top territories” to find where your audience is located.

Create more insights from the “Top territories” section.

You can learn about people who are most engaging with your content with the help of insights from “Top Territories”.

For example, you can know the following insights:

Find your target audience holidays, create and post content that connects with their moments of the year. For instance, you can make exciting videos during festivals like Christmas, new year.

Make videos for your audience’s lifestyle, culture and connect your brand goals and values. 

You can determine the perfect time to post by finding suitable content for your target audience and Knowing your users’ needs for your brand. It is a goldmine for you to create the biggest community on this platform.

Identify When Your Followers Are Most Active 

Using TikTok analytics features, you can track your follower’s activity on this platform. It provides a record of your followers, like the hours and days in which your target audience is primarily active. With the help of these analytics, you will pick the perfect time to post on TikTok for the best user interaction.

You can easily get the best time to post by looking at your audience statistics.

To know this, Head over to the “Followers” tab and choose “Followers Activity”.

You will see the data like what time and days of the week your followers are active and also the number of followers.

Leverage Information About High-Performing Content

Tiktok analytics can only give information about your video post for the past 60 days to monitor your post performance. So it is good to create a spreadsheet for your post metrics like day and time of posting, heading of your post, likes, comments, views, shares, content reach, watching time and audience region. Using this spreadsheet, you can analyze your high-performing post with your records. Create the same type of content and note the time of posting to maximize your video reach on TikTok.

Use Analytics To Help Users Find You

Posting at the perfect time allows users to easily find you when scrolling through the “ForYou” page. This is one of the great opportunities for you to connect with new followers and know potential customers for your brand. Tiktok analytics features can provide data about your past post performance and followers’ activity. To access this feature, ensure you have a TikTok business account. Using analytics features, you can easily track and monitor your target audience’s prime time to enhance likes on TikTok.

Note Your Competitor’s Activity

Based on your niche, find your competitor because you can learn more from others’ success. Understand your competitor’s target audience, content pattern, and what time they post on TikTok. Keep track of their posts to view engagement and best-performing content, and try to use relevant content as much as possible. On the other hand, you can post content when your competitors are not posting on TikTok. This can increase the chances of your content being visible to the target audience. Try both ideas to determine what will make an impact on your brand.


Finding the best time to post on TikTok is an easy one with the help of an analytics feature. Otherwise, you can monitor post performance to know the perfect post time. You will know when your audience is most active by being on the “ForYou” and “Following” pages on TikTok. And also, you need to concentrate on creating entertaining and quality videos to grow your reach.

There is no specific best time to post on TikTok, so the most accurate time for your post depends on your audience region and follower activity. However, TikTok continuously evolves and updates its algorithm constantly.

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