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7 Tips To Get More Likes On TikTok

Get More Likes On TikTok

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform with a more engaging audience. Nowadays, TikTok has the attention of young audiences, influencers and creators. It has more than 1 billion active users from all corners of the world. Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok video is short-form videos and easy to create with in-built features. You can produce the most fun, creative, innovative video in less time. So many businesses has find that TikTok is more fit for their brand to showcase products and services. Likes on TikTok play a vital role in getting more audience attention. Many brands intend to get more likes on videos to make brand awareness among vast audiences. In fact, there are many simple ways to increase likes for your video instantly. In this article, you will learn about seven simple tips to get more likes on TikTok videos.

Why Is It Important To Get Tik Tok Likes?

User attention is the most important thing to gain popularity on any social media platform. You can achieve the audience’s attention through engagement, which comes in many ways, such as likes, views, comments, shares, and followers. Getting likes for your video is one of the best ways of measuring your performance on the TikTok platform. You can also check this by getting a number of views, followers, and comments for your content. The TikTok algorithm produces the content on the “ForYou” page with higher engagement. If you get many likes for your TikTok videos, which will be shown on users’ “ForYou” feeds. Algorithms work to display content for each user’s feeds based on user interaction, and video has a higher engagement rate. More likes for your video means the post will likely appear on the ForYou page. 

How To Get More Likes On TikTok

TikTok is an excellent place to promote your content and increase your business’s community. If you need to boost the popularity of your profile on TikTok, then getting more likes is best. Here are the seven tips to get more likes for your TikTok video.

Hook Your Viewers

Creating eye-catching (especially in the first 2-3 seconds of your clip)and high-quality videos can push your content to get more likes on TikTok. This type of video will make viewers watch the post till the end of the clip. You can create compelling videos for your viewers in many ways. Such as using good visual effects, adding entertaining parts, and producing more quality content.

Make sure before posting you are providing a well-polished video for your audience. On the other hand, show your last clip at the beginning of your video, making users watch eagerly for the result. This idea is specifically suitable for food and DIY video posts. Putting little effort into your content makes the audience watch and attract more users on TikTok. Which could help to get more likes for your video.

Use Hashtags

The hashtag is a powerful tool to reach more audience attention on TikTok. Use trending hashtags that are relevant to your content and niche. Adding relevant hashtags can make your content more discoverable to the users. Audiences will use hashtags to find videos that are interesting to them. In addition, use popular hashtags to get more likes for your video. As more audiences watch the video, your content will most likely receive likes and engagement. However, using too many hashtags in your post can make your video spammy. While it is good to use 1-3 popular hashtags, relate to your topic. To find popular hashtags, tap the search icon and search for something that connects with your content, then click “Hashtags” at the top to get your results. You can see how many people have seen videos related to that hashtag.

Stay Update With Latest Trends On TikTok

The key to audience engagement is with trends on TikTok. Trending things might change continuously, so it is good to stay updated on the latest trends. Posting TikTok videos that are relevant to trends can make your content receive more likes and engagement from users. You can use trending hashtags, songs, challenges and effects in your video to keep the audience’s attention. Make sure to add your own creativity with trends to avoid mixing with the crowd. Many users will see the “Friends” tab instead of the old Discover page at the bottom of your TikTok screen. Which could help people to find trending or popular topics. Still, you can also know the trending one by scrolling across your “ForYou” page.

Leverage Sound To Attract The Audience

The best way to stand well on TikTok is by using new songs or sounds on this platform. Sound plays a vital role in the user’s experience, so that you can create videos with popular songs or sound effects. Which could help to reach more audiences. When a particular sound is getting more user attention on the “ForYou” page, create your video with the same sound. This can be useful to your post and might be visible on the ForYou page on TikTok. A good idea to find the popular sound is by tapping the plus “+” icon (create a new video) and clicking “Add sound” then you will see the “Discover” tab to find a popular thing. With that popular sound, add your own voiceover to make it unique content.

Add Caption To Your Post

Sometimes people are not comfortable with sound (on) while watching videos. In some situations, they will watch videos without sound (sound off) because of their surroundings. Due to this reason, you can include captions for your post to let people know what your content is about. Captions can provide context for the video post and to make it engaging with the audience. To increase audience visibility for your video, ensure to use clear and easily readable captions in your post. Use a legible font to have a clear view on both large and small screens. 

You can add captions easily on TikTok with the help of the “Caption” icon. TikTok will automatically analyze words in your video to generate captions. You can do this by selecting “Auto captions” on the edit screen before posting your content, and you don’t even need to type yourself. You can edit the words of the caption if TikTok does not display it correctly. Make sure to add a caption in your video; it is an easy idea to get more likes for your post on TikTok. In this way, your post will be visible to a broader audience.

Take Advantage Of Effects On TikTok

TikTok allows you to use many effects that can be helpful to enhance your video post and to create more engaging content for users. Otherwise, use popular effects from someone else’s videos or use creative effects for your video. Use the proper effects to create visual interest from users in your video. For instance, the Green Screen effect, if you record a video of yourself, then this effect will automatically crop all the things around you. So you can replace any other image behind yourself. Transition is a great way to create cinematic effects between video clips. If you are thinking of using more than two clips together in your video, then use transition effects between clips to make magical things. This will make users intend to watch your video.

Post Regularly

Consistency is essential for marketing your brand on social media platforms. The same strategy applies to TikTok if you post content consistently and regularly. This could help you attract more audience and get more likes for your TikTok post. On the other hand, quality is also essential when you post content regularly. No one likes watching low-quality videos, even with entertaining parts. But you should analyze the balance between quality and quantity to get success on TikTok. If you are thinking of getting more likes for your video, then use analytics to determine the best time for your post to reach a wider audience.


As of now, you know how to use TikTok to promote your brand, and there are many ways to increase likes for your videos. Use the above tips in your video to get content to appear on the “ForYou” page; users can automatically watch your video. If your content is eye-catching and entertaining, the audience will drop likes for your video. Try the above tips to get more likes on TikTok videos. Hope, this article helps you to improve your content quality to receive the maximum number of likes.

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