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10 Ways To Get More TikTok Followers

Get More TikTok Followers

TikTok is highly essential for businesses to market their product. With over one billion active users on TikTok, it has become a popular social media network for brands to promote their products. Boosting audience engagement and followers on TikTok can increase your brand awareness and make your business reach more potential customers. Growing your followers on TikTok among the massive competition is slightly difficult. But you can easily tackle this with some strategies. You are ready to boost your brand success with TikTok marketing tactics. Keep reading this article to learn how to get more TikTok followers for your profile.

Grow Your TikTok Followers

If you like to succeed on TikTok, you need to care about your presence on this platform. While you have a wider audience, you will focus on your brand promotion. You might think to increase brand awareness, create relationships with your target audience, and boost your sales. With the help of this platform, you can gain genuine TikTok followers to get popular among a vast audience.

Analyze Your Target Audience

The first thing in growing your followers on any social media channel is to analyze your target audience and make the content relate to your potential audience. Grow your followers by knowing everything about your present followers. If you have a business account on TikTok, you can use TikTok analytics get your followers’ details like when they are most active, locations, what most likely to interact with your content, who they are, and what content they enjoy. Once you have discovered your target audience, create content for your potential audience. However, if your main target is to acquire numerous TikTok followers, it’s essential to create content with education and entertainment purposes for your audience. Having millions of followers in your profile is not important, so try to find out your potential followers who are really interested in your brand, products or services. 

Take Advantage Of Trends

You can gain popularity through TikTok trends, and popular ones can rapidly enhance your followers. Of course, trending does not mean just participating in something; make sure your target audience participates and relates to your niche. TikTok trends are the best way to make your brand stand apart from your competitors. When you are using trending songs in your videos, the algorithm gives the preference of your post to ranking on this platform. So it is one of the easiest ways to get your videos more audience visibility over others’ videos. You can discover trending songs in the search tap or use the soundtrack that TikTok suggests while recording a new video.

Leverage Hashtags

Hashtags are most popular on all social media platforms because the audience can easily find content that they mostly like using it. Using hashtags in your TikTok video can help to grow your target audience. Specifically when you use a mixer of trending hashtags, branded hashtags, general hashtags and business-specific hashtags. If you need to know about finding hashtags relevant to your niche, use the TikTok hashtag generator tool to discover great hashtags. Otherwise, look at your competitor using hashtags related to your niche or type “#” in your caption section to see popular hashtags will pop up (here, you can find famous hashtags that are trending on TikTok). Boost your chances of your content appearing on the “ForYour” page using hashtags to receive higher audience visibility and sustain your TikTok hearts. 

Cross Promote

Promoting your content on other social media platforms is helpful to drive traffic to your business and make the conversion on target customers. The powerful digital marketing strategy is to include your content in other social channels like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. It also helps you discover where your target audience mostly spends their time online.

Keep an online presence to share your TikTok videos with other platforms. If you notice in Instagram reels, many users share their TikTok videos on that platform. However, you can also use this idea, including your TikTok videos with a watermark on Instagram. It is the perfect way to get TikTok followers from Instagram. Otherwise, remove the TikTok watermark in your content to have a native look and share it on other platforms.

Post Videos At The Perfect Time

Time plays a vital role in getting more TikTok followers for your profile.

Because posting at the best time means that your audience is most likely active on TikTok. So it is good to share your post when your followers scroll through the TikTok app. Posting at the perfect time can help to acquire further TikTok hearts from your followers. Fortunately, there is a possibility to get followers’ insights, like the most active and how often they spend watching your content. But to check out this information about your followers, you need to have a business account on TikTok. You can find this data in your profile’s “Followers Activity” section. 

Make challenges

Video challenges are one of the significant reasons behind TikTok becoming famous, whether it could be dares, dances, or any other challenges. You can find a few challenges by scrolling through videos on this app. Check whether it suits your brand or create your own TikTok challenge to reach new followers. Also, it is good to participate in the TikTok challenges that your potential audience participates in. Brand hashtags on TikTok frequently produce simple challenges in this platform, so select challenges suitable to your niche and target audience.

Share User-Generated Content

Users can create content relevant to your brand, products or service and post it on social media platforms. User-generated content can be in the form of videos, photos, reviews, and feedback. It can help you to boost your brand trust, increase engagement and enhance your TikTok followers. Also, you can discover your brand relatable UGC on other social media platforms and post it on TikTok can help to boost audience visibility and helps to drive more traffic for your business. Once you get tons of UGC about your brand, create your own challenges, host an event, or start creating hashtag trends.

Collaborate With Influencers

Influencer marketing plays a vital role in TikTok to become famous on this platform. Many of the users on TikTok are getting popular by collaborating with influencers. The key to gaining popularity on TikTok is working with the right influencer whose followers match your target audience. Collaborate with influencers who fit your niche and ask them to promote your products or service to their vast audience on this platform. Undoubtedly, influencers posted content will reach more views on TikTok. This process will help you to earn too many followers on your profile.

Use TikTok Features

Engaging with other users’ videos is an effective way to catch audience attention for your TikTok profile. Stitch or duet others’ videos to receive more eyes on your account. TikTok offers a stitching feature that can allow you to add your video at the end of the clip of others’ videos. This feature is suitable for adding your comments on their video or adding extra content to a pre-made video of others. The Duet feature allows you to add your video side-by-side with other user videos. So you can complement that video or react to others’ videos. Before creating a duet or stitch of other videos, ensure that the content is relevant to your brand. Or else, comment and like on other videos to grab your target audience’s attention.

Add Call-To-Action To End Of Your Videos

Add a call to action(CTA) at the end of your content, which will make the audience visit or follow your profile. The significant advantage of using CTA in your content is that users quickly know about your products with help of it. You can add CTA in the question and statement form. For instance, choose to give an engaging CTA such as “shop now, download now” or ask questions like “What do you think?” at the end of your videos. Otherwise, you can add simple text stickers like “Follow us to catch more data”. However, occasionally adding a call to action will make viewers curious about your content. While adding an excellent call to action will engage the audience with your content.


The best idea to get more followers for your TikTok profile as a brand or individual, you first know who your target audience is and be connected with them. This idea applies to all social media platforms, which is valid with TikTok. Create content relatable to your audience’s interest that will make them drop your comments for your video. Leverage trends like adding trending music, hashtags, and challenges on this platform to resonate with your target audience. There are no short methods to appear your content on FYP. So keep creating unique and enjoyable content for your potential audience, it might get chances to appear on FYP. However, if your organic reach is slow, switch your account to a Professional TikTok account and to TikTok followers for your profile. Make use of these above ideas to grow your followers on TikTok.

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