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9 Ideal Ways To Get More Views On TikTok

9 Ideal Ways To Get More Views On TikTok

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media site across the world. It is the best mobile app to attract many people and share content for developing your brand. TikTok is popular among people for its short-form nature, which is beneficial for brands to create TikTok videos with less time and effort. So it is the perfect platform for promoting your brand with a big audience. Views play a significant role on TikTok, which will make a greater impact on your profile.

TikTok videos that acquire more views are more likely to be featured in front of larger audiences. The TikTok algorithm notices how your content interacts with the audience. If your content gets enough views and interaction from the users, the algorithm automatically takes your content to the FYP page. So views are an essential factor to get fame on TikTok. Keep reading this article to find successful tips for getting more views on your TikTok profile.

What Are “Views” On TikTok?

Every social media channel defines views differently, but TikTok views are pretty simple. The first second your video will begin to play, counted as a one-view count. If your video autoplay, loops, or users again watch it, all these things will count as new views. So every watch measures as new views count. It is easy to obtain higher views on your TikTok profile. However, if you watch your own video on TikTok, it will not be considered new views. 

How To Get More TikTok Views?

You are using TikTok for personal or business purposes, but one thing is that more views you gain will bring better engagement for your post. If you are looking to boost the engagement of your TikTok posts quickly, purchasing organic TikTok likes can be a strategic move. By increasing the number of likes on your videos, you can enhance the visibility and credibility of your content, ultimately attracting more viewers. Also, you can use the following tips to raise your view metrics. 

Add Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the powerful tools in the TikTok platform. If you use hashtags in your content, the TikTok algorithm identifies what content you are posting and recommends it to users who are interested in watching it. Adding hashtags will also help viewers to discover your content through search. When you include hashtags, try to add relevant, niche-specific, and popular hashtags in your content. Also, remember that don’t use excessive hashtags that will make your video spammy. Your main target is to attract your followers and monetize your viewers, so include hashtags that relate to your keywords. In addition, use #fyp, #foryoupage or #foryou hashtags in your captions, making your videos appear on users’ ForYourPage. 

Hop On Trends

Many brands’ goal is to feature their videos on TikTok ForYouPage. That is the first page every user sees when they open their TikTok app. Also, based on the user’s previous interactions and interests, the algorithm will display videos and popular trends on each user’s FYP. TikTok trends will change periodically, so stay on researching popular trends. Use those challenges in your video to make your brand famous on the platform. 

Know Your Target Audience

When you think of success on any social media platform, the first thing you should keep in mind is that to your target audience; the TikTok app is mainly home for Gen Z. Most of the TikTok users are ages between 18 to 24. They like to watch entertaining, fun, inspiring and creative content, not over promotional content. So create innovative videos on TikTok and make your audience interested in your content. Once you know your target audience and make content that inspires them.

Use Trending Sounds 

Hashtags are not the only factors that will help to be popular on TikTok. You can also use trending sound or music effects in your video to make it visible on TikTok FYP. You can find trending sounds in FYP or discover them by clicking the plus (+) button in the app and clicking the “Sounds” option at the center-top of your screen. Here, you will see the most popular trending sounds or music in the list. The TikTok algorithm identifies trending songs via user interactions like video shares, plays, likes, etc. 

Leverage Duet Or Stitching Videos

Duet or stitching features are popular among TikTok users. It is one of the ideal ways to obtain audience engagement. This is a new kind of video where you can do videos with someone else. Duet features are the most crucial things for those running startups or new to the TikTok platform. It allows new users or brands to create videos with popular trends for better exposure. You can even collaborate with influencers or stars; this impressive feature motivates users to make content. 

Keep Videos Short And Sweet

TikTok allows users to create ten-minute videos, but using the whole time is not suitable for brands or businesses to gain audience engagement. Videos less than 3 minutes are more likely to appear on the TikTok FYP. If you make shorter videos, it will be possible to rewatch again and again by users for the short-time nature. According to research made by TikTok, the optimal time for making TikTok videos is just 15 seconds. If you need higher views for your TikTok videos, shorten them to gain audience attention. Also, TikTok users like to watch short-form videos. Moreover, TikTok is famous for its short-form nature. Creating videos under 60 seconds will be helpful for you to make users watch your entire video.

High-Quality Video

Creating high-quality videos is the most important thing to make audience engagement. Because users will only watch interesting and high-quality videos when scrolling through their feed section. So make sure to create great content for your brand. 

Here are some criteria for making high-quality videos:

  • First, give attention to the lighting effect because good lighting will make a massive difference in your video.
  • Secondly, use a tripod to keep your camera steady, which will help avoid shaky video clips.
  • Third, to obtain a maximum impact on your video by editing it perfectly.

If your video accomplishes the above criteria, it will receive more likes, views, and shares. 

Catch Audience Attention

Getting more views on your video means to grab the audience’s attention. Therefore, you can consider buying TikTok views from authority sources to significantly help in increasing the visibility and reach of your videos. By opting for this strategy, you can effectively enhance the chances of grabbing the audience’s attention and ultimately expanding your presence on the platform. 

You can also do this by creating eye-catching, creative visual effects on your video. You can use the following tips to stand out from the others and obtain further TikTok views for your videos:

  • Use creative visuals
  • Include catchy music effects
  • Tell a story in an engaging way
  • Use duet videos

Your video acquires more views and interactions from the users, which will significantly impact your TikTok profile. The batch effect, one of the most famous TikTok algorithms, decides how to show your video to more people depending on the metrics of likes, views, and engagement.

Add Captions

TikTok allows you to add captions within 150 characters. It is not much count, but this is enough to grab the audience’s attention and make them watch your video. Adding a Caption is a great chance to tell users why they should watch your video, or you can receive a conversation about the video in the comment section. If users highly engage with your content, which will help to prioritize your video by the TikTok algorithm. 


TikTok is a powerful marketing strategy to increase brand reach and awareness for your business. There is no single tactic for getting more views on your TikTok videos. Leverage hashtags, challenges, features and popular trends to maximize the visibility of your TikTok account. Also, it would be best if you attempted different strategies to see what would work better for you and your profile.

However, following the above tips will be helpful for you to receive more views and grow your TikTok profile. Working with a few efforts, you can quickly increase your TikTok views and can make maximum brand exposure. 

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