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How To Do TikTok Duet To Go Viral In 2023

How To Do TikTok Duet To Go Viral In 2023


TikTok is the world’s most popular social media network for sharing short-form videos. Duet is one of the features in TikTok that can help you get more audience attention on the platform. If your video receives higher audience visibility, then it has a chance to appear on the “ForYou” page to gain more reach. The Duet feature allows you to create videos together with others’ videos. 

You can make videos along with famous artists, creators, and brands. So you can gain more audience engagement with the help of their reach. Do you want to know about the duet feature on TikTok? You are in the right place. This article will guide you on how to make a duet on TikTok. 

What Is Duet On TikTok?

Duet is a cone of the TikTok features that allows users to make a video with another creator’s video. These two videos appear on the screen simultaneously and play together. Moreover, when you make a duet – your video will appear on the left side. The original creator’s video will be displayed on the right side of the screen, but both play at the same time. 

While creating duet videos, you can give a reaction to others’ videos, replicate them, or your point of view about their content. Duet and stitch are different features if stitch features allow you to incorporate the original creator’s video for about five seconds in your video. The Duet feature is great for users; they can partner with other creators or try viral challenges. However, these activities will allow them to build authentic likes on TikTok and go viral.

If you need TikTok users to make a duet with your video, enable the duet option in your profile. Follow the below steps:

  • Open the “TikTok” app on your phone and click the “Profile” icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen.
  • Tap the “Hamburger” icon at the top-right corner and click “Settings & Privacy”. From the available list, choose the “Privacy” option. 
  • After that, Press the “Duet” and select an option such as everyone, friends, or only me.

If you select everyone, your duet option is public; anyone can create a duet for your video. If you set the duet as only friends, your friends only are able to access your video to create duets. Otherwise, if you choose only me, you can only use your videos to make duets, restricting the access of others on TikTok. Besides, you can change the duet settings for each video before uploading a TikTok duet. 

How To Do A Duet Video On TikTok?

There is an easy process to create a TikTok duet. So even if you are new to the platform, you can make it quickly. Here are the steps to do a duet on TikTok:

  • Head to the “TikTok” app and browse the video on the “ForYou” page; once you like any video to make a duet, open it. 
  • Press the “Share” button on the right-side panel. From the available list, choose the “Duet” option. (Note that the creator enables the duet option, if it’s not, then the button will be grayed out)
  • Record your video by clicking the “Red” button at the bottom centre of your screen. 
  • Once you complete the recording, add filters, text, effects, stickers, and layout, adjust your video speed, and set the timer using the right-side menu.
  • After customizing your video, tap the “Next” button.
  • On this page, you can add a caption and cover page for your duet video and click the “Post” button to publish your TikTok duet. 

How To Add Music In Duet Video?

By default, your duet video automatically sounds muted when you start recording it. However, the original creator’s video sound will be taken for your duet video. Still, you can also have the option to change the sound of your TikTok duet. 

Follow the below steps to add sound to your duet video:

  • Navigate to the video that you need to make a duet. Click the “Right-arrow” button to select the duet option.
  • Before starting your recording, make sure to turn on the mic at the right-side menu to add your sound.
  • You can record your clips by pressing the “Red record” button. Once you are done with your recording, click the “Volume” button to adjust the sound for your video.
  • You can adjust the volume level for the original sound and your added sound or music. 
  • You want to mute the original video sound, which can be done by dragging the original sound down and maximizing the volume for your added sound. 
  • You can add filters, text, stickers, etc., to your TikTok duet. Once you finish the editing process, press the “Next” button.
  • Add a caption for your duet video and tap the “Post” button to publish. 

In addition, you can also have the option to add voiceover on your TikTok duet. After recording your video, you can do this by pressing the “Voiceover” at the right-side menu. Also, the navigation bar at the bottom can help you adjust your voiceover time. Remember that the original creator’s sound must be down while you add voiceover.  

3 TikTok Duet Ideas To Go Viral

Now that you know how to duet on TikTok, it is the perfect time to get started with your own TikTok duet. If you want to go viral on TikTok using the duet feature, here are some ideas to create duet videos. 

Leverage TikTok Trends / Challenges

In any field, trending one will change periodically, which can also apply to TikTok. So you can take trending videos that go viral on the platform and make a duet version to become popular on TikTok. Participating in TikTok challenges is one of the most popular things on this platform. All you need to find viral TikTok challenges such as dancing videos and physical fitness challenges. Otherwise, attempt to make your own challenges that are unique, which may have the chance to go viral on TikTok. 

Create Reaction Video

One of the most popular uses of duet videos is giving reactions to others’ videos. Select the top-performing TikTok video and create a duet video to give a reaction to that video. Your reaction to the original video might be funny, entertaining, or authentic. Reaction videos are the best way to engage your viewers. 

Also, it can help to leverage the original creators’ video reach. Additionally, by investing in real targeted TikTok views packages, you can amplify the reach and visibility of your TikTok videos even further. This strategic approach not only helps you gain more views but also ensures that your duet content is being seen by the right audience, maximizing its impact and engagement.

Make Responding Video

A responding video is not like a reaction video; it gives responses, comments, and feedback to that original video. If you are well-known in your field or niche, the responding video will allow you to share expert tips using duet features. You can respond in a funny or serious mode which depends on your chosen video for the TikTok duet. Moreover, be sure to select the video that receives excessive audience attention. This can make users more likely to watch and engage with your content. 

Final Thoughts

In TikTok videos, it is hard to find which videos have the chance to go viral or not. In some cases, a simple duet video can receive millions of views. To gain maximum audience reach, do your best on TikTok duets, even if you are taking the most popular video. Now that you know how to make duet videos on TikTok, it is the right time to start making your first own TikTok duet. 

Leverage on TikTok duet video ideas listed above, which can be helpful to go viral on this platform. However, try new things to get chances of success on TikTok. Otherwise, you can take ideas by watching others’ duet videos and discover what will work better for you on this platform. 

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